The birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming; spring is on its way! Spring cleaning can be a great opportunity to declutter and organise your living space.

Utilising a storage unit can help you manage items you don’t need on a daily basis and give your home more space. Here are some tips for effective spring cleaning using a storage unit:

Plan and Prioritise

Start by making a detailed plan of what areas in your home you want to clean and declutter. Identify items you don’t use regularly but want to keep. Prioritise the rooms or spaces that need the most attention and decluttering. Make sure to check out our FAQs to see what can and can’t be stored in our storage units.

Sort and Declutter

Begin by sorting your belongings into categories: keep, donate, store, and discard. Be honest with yourself about what you really need. If you haven’t used something in a year or more, consider letting it go. Items that you want to keep but don’t need immediate access to can be stored in one of our storage units. Read more about our top tips for decluttering here.

Once you’ve sorted out what you need to put in your storage unit, you should have more of an idea of how much space you’ll need. Safeguard Storage offers small, medium and large storage units.

Use Proper Storage Containers

Invest in quality storage containers and boxes to protect your belongings from dust, moisture, and pests while in the storage unit. Safeguard Storage has plenty of items, including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and mattress protectors to keep your items safe!

If you are a business owner with sensitive documents or have more fragile items, we recommend using plastic boxes to further protect your items.

If you are packing clothes or bedding, consider using clothing bags or boxes so they stay in the same condition as they went in.

Label each container clearly so you can find items easily when needed.

Pack Strategically

Pack items you won’t need during the current season or year first. This can include seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and sports equipment that you won’t need for a while. Safeguard Storage has some great tips on what to put in storage for each season.

Ensure your items are cleaned and dried thoroughly before putting them in the storage unit. This will protect them from any potential moisture and mould.

Place items you might need occasionally towards the front of the storage unit for easier access.

Create a Map or Inventory List

Make a simple inventory list or map of the storage unit to help you locate items without having to move everything around. Update the list as you add or remove items from the unit. Our handy guide for self-storage organisation has some great tips and tricks on the best way to organise your storage unit and keep track of where things are stored.

Maintain Accessibility

Maintaining easy access to your storage unit is vital. This will allow you to go in and grab things when you need them. Leave a clear path to easily reach items at the back of the storage unit without having to move everything around. If you stack everything too tightly, you will have no chance of reaching the items at the back. Instead, you’ll have to pull everything out just to reach one thing. Group similar items together to help you locate them quickly.

Regular Check-ins

Periodically visit the storage unit to assess the condition of your items and ensure everything is still organised. Take the opportunity to reevaluate items and decide if you still need to keep them. We know that people lead busy lives, so Safeguard Storage ensure that we have convenient access hours to storage units.

By following these tips, you can effectively use a Safeguard storage unit as part of your spring cleaning process, creating a more organised and clutter-free living space! If you’re unsure of what size Storage Unit you’ll need, then get in touch with our friendly team of experts for a free, no-obligation quote.

Still wondering what is so special about Safeguard Storage?

Are we the best self-storage facility? Of course. Not only do we have an amazing team of highly knowledgeable storage advisors and on-site managers across the country, but we also have several on-site features that give you peace of mind. What do our facilities offer? Have a look…

  • 24/7 HD CCTV
  • Gated and alarmed premises
  • Many facilities have individually alarmed units
  • On-site managers
  • Short and long-term rental options
  • Friendly visiting hours

We place security and protection at the forefront of our operations. If you store your goods with us, you can have the confidence of knowing that no one but you will have the authorisation to access our self-storage units. As an exponentially more secure option than storing in a home or garage, you should absolutely consider reaching out to us for a guarded self-storage unit.