As convenient as self-storage is, no one wants to be at their unit all day searching for items. Avoid the heat of summer by making sure you have a solid organisation plan for your self-storage unit. There are several ways to reduce the amount of time you need to spend at your unit.

This blog will outline some helpful tips to organise your self-storage unit effectively. The planning undertaken here will allow for effortless storage and access. Here are seven easy tips to follow when you manage a storage unit so that everything is within reach.

Consider Items That Will Need More Access

As a rule of thumb, the items that don’t need frequent access can happily go at the end of the storage unit. This will be particularly true with seasonal items or even things you have no intention of using in the near future.

Some of these unused or seasonal belongings can include:

– Heavy winter clothing

– Camping supplies

– Christmas decorations

– Documentation

– Family heirlooms & precious items

Even with bits and pieces that you rarely use, it’s also wise to organise them in order of possible use. Again, a pathway of most used to least will save you so much time.

Draw Up A Master Contents List

This step is one of the most important in maintaining a stress-free storage unit. Keeping an extensive list of items within the storage unit will save you loads of time. While this is an enormous task, the future-you will thank you when you eventually need to find an item.

In this age of advanced technology, there are many alternatives to making a list with pen and paper. Dictating into a device as you load up your storage unit is a convenient way to keep track. To keep the storage unit even more organised, consider printing custom labels for your boxes so you know precisely where one item is.

Create A Map Of Where Everything Is

In continuation to the above, creating a map will become one of the best decisions you have ever made. A self-storage unit can be a bit of a pain to navigate if there’s no organisation. Boxes or items at the front are easy to sort through; a map will give you eyes for what isn’t visible.

Organising your self-storage unit into areas or quadrants is a great way to break down a sight that may seem overwhelming. For example, if you break up your unit into four sections, you can give a reference number to the boxes in that area. This way, you’re able to have better knowledge of the whereabouts of your items.

Consider Shelves & Stacking Boxes

Shelves are an excellent solution if you’re looking for long term storage. Taking advantage of vertical space can immensely increase your unit’s storage capacity. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure maximum use of your storage unit:

– Vertically stack boxes with least accessed on the bottom

– Have heavier items in the boxes closer to the ground for safety

– Brick wall pattern, so you don’t need to move boxes on top to access one underneath

Consider Restructuring Your Current Unit

As much of a pain as this may be, it might be the key to your self-storage success. It’s possible your original layout may not be as efficient as you hoped. However, following the above tips will give you the best access to your storage unit and ultimately save you time in the long run.

Upgrade The Size Of Your Storage Unit

Even if you are the grand master of Tetris, you may realise that you just don’t have enough space. This is no problem! A well-established self-storage facility will have units that range in many sizes. So there’s nothing wrong with concluding that you need more space.

Moving to a storage unit with more space will allow you to implement the above tips a lot more easily. This way, you’ll have a larger area with a practical layout that will ensure you never have to be at the unit longer than you need to be.

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