A self-storage unit as a second closet – the perfect solution for any clothes lover. Many people across New Zealand understand the stresses of running out of closet space, but this is where self-storage comes to the rescue.

A second wardrobe within a storage unit will keep your house in impeccable order – particularly the bedroom. This blog will outline how you can maximise your closet space within a self-storage unit and why SafeGuard Storage is your ideal and secure location to keep all your belongings.

Select A Storage Unit You Can Trust

Deciding to keep your valuable clothes within a storage unit means you’ll want to select a safe, secure and reputable self-storage facility. SafeGuard Storage is your perfect choice, thanks to the friendly, knowledgeable advisory team who can assist in finding a suitable unit for you.

SafeGuard Storage is 100% NZ owned and operated, delivering affordable storage options protected by 24/7 CCTV operated facilities. With a dedicated on-site manager and no long-term contracts, you’ll feel comfortable finding your self-storage unit here.

Set Up Plastic Drawers Within The Storage Unit

While having all this brand-new space seems like you can just toss clothes in, make sure to be organised. Plastic drawers are an excellent method of maximising storage space while also managing your contents.

Ideal for t-shirts, pants, socks and underwear – these drawers will be the perfect container for keeping items together and clean. Save yourself even more time by labelling each drawer so you can have easy access to each item whenever you require it.

Install Hanging Racks

Understandably, some items are not foldable, so you should consider bringing in some portable hanging racks. Storing your more delicate clothing items on these racks will assist in avoiding wrinkles and musky odours.

This is the ideal solution for formal wear, including dresses, coats and other items that you consider of high quality.

Dry Cleaning Bags For Extra Protection

For added protection, consider using dry cleaning bags with your racked items. Covering your items with these protective bags will ensure that the quality of your clothes is maintained.

These bags will protect your precious clothes from potential dust and also allow you to label each item of clothing for better navigation.

Stacking Shoe Boxes

Everyone loves shoes, and if you’re looking to store your extensive collection in a storage unit, there are a few methods you might want to consider. Firstly, if you still have your shoe boxes, you should stack them in the storage unit and utilise the vertical storage space.

You can invest in a few plastic shoeboxes for the pairs without boxes to ensure extra protection. This will keep them dry and secure within the self-stroage unit.

Create A Map

The last step of securing your second closet within a self-storage unit is to create a map of contents. If you want to maximise efficiency and ensure that you’re not at your unit any longer than you need to be – this is the answer for you.

Drawing out a basic map of clothing items will save you endless time. Instead of hauling all your items out to find one shirt or pair of shoes, you’ll be well on your way! This map doesn’t need to be an artistic masterpiece; it just needs to be clear enough that you know where each item can be found.

SafeGuard Storage Can Make Your Life Stress-Free and Secure

SafeGuard Storage offers a range of storage solutions for personal belongings and businesses. You’ll be in the best hands with our on-site managers and their highly-experienced team of advisors. We offer a wide range of storage options throughout New Zealand, including self-storage units in ChristchurchAucklandRotoruaHamiltonWellingtonPalmerston NorthGisbourneNelsonWaihiWhakatane, and New Plymouth.

Our self-storage units are the perfect location for business owners for all of the above reasons. We pride ourselves on offering a securely gated location studded with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. We also feature convenient access hours that are sure to please all. Rent with confidence at SafeGuard Storage, knowing that your business’ products will be safe.

We have small, medium or large safe and secure units depending on what you need. We have four locations within Hamilton, including storage lock-ups in Te Rapa, Melville, Hillcrest and Frankton. Our friendly staff will find a unit that fits the needs of your situation.

Whether you are after business storagevehicle storage or affordable storage, our easily accessible units are available for short term or long term storage. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is always keen to have a chat and go through your current storage situation and find the correct unit size.