Now that you’ve secured your very own self-storage unit, you may be wondering how to navigate and maximise the potential of this new space. Although you may be using the space for personal or commercial purposes, you’ll always benefit from saving space in your storage unit.

This blog will outline the best methods to save space in a storage unit. We’ll also look at the best practices when visiting your storage area to ensure you’re spending as little time there as possible.

Store Using The Vertical Space

The most obvious method of storing is to just start from the back and move forward. While obvious, this method can be improved significantly with the use of vertical storage. Whether you add shelves or racks to your unit’s walls, you can substantially increase your unit’s storage capacity.

Items such as shoes or hung clothing will be perfect to be stored on the walls. Instead of unnecessarily loading them into more boxes which takes up more time and space, hanging these items from the walls will be an efficient use.

Store Boxes That Are The Same Size

Stability is perhaps the most essential aspect of a safe and secure storage unit. You may have many items that need to go into the unit, which may require stacking of the boxes. To reduce the chances of anything falling over, ensure that all boxes are the same size.

Furthermore, you can further increase stability by equally distributing weight within each box. This way, when you stack the boxes, you reduce the chances of boxes on top crushing everything underneath.

Install Hooks On The Ceiling

If you want to maximise safe space within your storage unit, consider installing temporary hooks or bungee cords on the ceiling. This is an ideal solution for any flat biking or outdoor equipment you may wish to keep secure until summer. This method will ensure that you fit as much as you can within the unit while still keeping it tidy.

Use A Seasonal Layout Of Items

In continuation of the above, having seasonal arrangements for your storage is a very effective strategy if you’re looking for a long-term solution. Imagine the ease of visiting your storage unit if you have specific areas related to the season.

This is the perfect method of storing if you’re someone who has too many items and may not have the space at home to fit everything. Set up your storage unit into four quadrants – one for each season. By taking full advantage of efficient vertical storage, you’ll be able to fit your heavy clothes in the winter section and keep your adventure-filled hiking equipment in the summer area.

Draw A Comprehensive Map Of The Unit

Imagine the hours you could spend searching for one item that you placed in a box months ago. Eliminate this possibility with the drawing of a comprehensive map for your storage unit. While it may seem pointless or daunting, your future self will thank you when you need to grab something quickly.

Using squares, you can list the general category of items that are within each box. The arrangement you have your squares will tell you which box contains what and where. Taking one hour to draw a clear and concise chart of your items will allow you to get on your way and make the most of your time.

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