Everyone dreads the amount of messy storage sitting in the garage. Because of the sheer amount of space, it doesn’t take long for the garage to become packed with boxes of items, tools and memories.

There are several options regarding easy methods to ensure cleaning out isn’t a stressful task. Everyone has a life, and it’s no wonder that a painstaking task like this is always left on the backburner. However, with summer approaching, it’s best to get your ducks in a row now.

This article will outline five tips for clean and cheap storage solutions to make your life so much easier.

Get Friends and Family Involved

The amount of time that can be saved with more hands in the mix is massive. Getting the family involved will not only be a time-saver, but it’ll also be a great time to revisit memories and create new ones. If you require heavy lifting, it’d probably be best to get some neighbours or friends over to see if they can help.

As a “thank you,” maybe even buy some lunch or dinner for those who gave you a hand – make this chore an event that’s enjoyable for everyone involved.

Garage Sale/Sell Online

Depending on the extent of your clutter in the garage, you may have some items that are of value. Dedicating a day or two to a garage sale or putting up auctions online could be a great way to make some quick cash from unwanted items.

With a decreased number of items in your garage, you’ll now have the ability to clean up the area, or if you’re interested in cheap storage in Hamilton, there may be further options regarding storage units. Safeguard Storage offers some of the cheapest storage options, and there are multiple branches throughout Hamilton.

Organise Effectively

Just like those satisfying images you see online, there’s no reason you can’t organise your garage to look like a perfectly ordered wonderland. Stacking and hanging items in an orderly manner is not just aesthetic, but it also makes your life a whole lot easier when you’re searching for something in the future.

The addition of vertical shelving and space-saving containers are an excellent way to store a decent amount without taking up an unnecessary amount of room. However, it’s recommended that you don’t keep everything in bins and boxes as they will eventually cause a new cluttered mess. Also, with many stacks of boxes, you’re going to have just as much trouble retrieving the contents as a messy garage.

Keep A List Of The Items After You’ve Cleaned

If you have many items in your garage, forming an inventory of what you have is an excellent way of figuring out where you keep certain things. Furthermore, it saves you time in knowing what you do and don’t have.

It’s very common to think you still own a specific tool or object, and you could spend hours looking for it, or your inventory could let you know what you have and don’t have in a matter of seconds. It does seem like it’s overkill, but it’s well worth it when you run into questions regarding your belongings.

Put Your Items In Storage

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