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Already have a high-quality storage unit? Here are 9 ways to maximise your self-storage unit to ensure you are storing your items in the best way possible. At Safeguard Storage, we have a large range of high-quality storage units.

9 Ways To Maximise The Use Of Your Self-Storage Unit

Nov 11, 2021

First of all, congratulations on taking the first step in finding a self-storage unit! This decision will save so much stress in your life - you’ll wonder how you lived any other way. A self-storage unit comes in a range of different sizes and can hold anything from a box all the way to the contents of a small house.

This blog is going to go through the nine ways you can maximise the use of your self-storage unit. After you read, you’ll be ready to tackle the task of storage like a pro.

1. Find a Secure Location

A self-storage unit facility will tend to have units that are individually secure, it’s important the entire building is well guarded too. Keep your eye out for a facility that has 24/7 CCTV operations and is gated/fenced.

Items that are placed in storage are likely to be there due to their value. The owners of a respectable self-storage facility will be aware of this and ensure that their premises are safe.

2. Vertical Stacking

There is an art to stacking your belongings in a unit. Avoid spreading your items out on the floor and attempt to stack your items that will reduce the chances of any tripping or collapsing. It should go without saying that any heavy items should not be stacked above head height.

3. Install Shelves

Shelving is a key feature required for any effective self-storage unit. The ability to stack items up against the wall gives so much freedom to the rest of the area. Some of the most common belongings that are placed on shelves include:

- Folders

- Boxes

- Tools

- Household/kitchen appliances

4. Vacuum Packed Clothes & Materials

While clothes and fabrics might not seem like they take up much space, many items can actually add up. Vacuum-packing clothes is a fantastic method of decreasing the excess room that is occupied. It’s important when planning the self-storage layout that you try to reduce any unnecessary space as it all adds up in the end.

5. Paper Records In Heavy Duty Containers

Similar to the above, loose paper and documents can cause a lot of stress if not ordered properly. It’s recommended to invest in a few heavy-duty archive boxes that are designed for mass paper storage. The last thing you want is to visit your storage unit to see your important documents have fallen and spread all over your unit.

6. Remove Batteries

It might seem like a stretch but really don’t want an issue like this arising. Batteries can leak and you would hate for this corrosive liquid to spread across your belongings, potentially damaging your nearby devices.

Save yourself the trouble and ensure that all batteries are removed from any device that requires them.

7. Disregard Wet Items

It’s no surprise that many will use their self-storage unit to house their winter or summer items. However, particularly with summer, it’s very important that any items like kayaks, boats, jet skis, diving equipment and all other aquatic items are dry.

Leave your aquatic items out in the sun for the whole day before storing the items in self-storage. A storage unit that has multiple wet items within will be likely to grow mould. This mould can spread to other areas and also make the unit an unhealthy environment for you to be around.

8. Store Regular Access Items at the Front

You’d think a point like this would be common sense but it’s very easy to forget the overall storage strategy. If you carefully place your items based on most used from front to back, your life will be made so much easier.

With summer around the corner, do you really want to be wasting time sorting through your items and not be at the beach?

9. Keep a Map of Where Everything Is

This tip is likely to be the most important out of everything mentioned above. A map of where all your belongings are in the storage unit means that you never have to waste your time sifting through the many items of your life.

Additionally, you can also save time with the visits to your storage unit. If you’re at home and are wondering if something is in the house or at the unit, this magic map will instantly be able to tell you. Save a trip down to your storage unit and instead spend it soaking up the many joys of these summer days.

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