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Beneficial Storage Solutions For Your Home

Oct 22, 2021

Many houses across New Zealand do not have storage solutions fit for modern living. Instead, homes were typically built to accommodate very humble living styles - A few clothes that fit in a small closet and a couple of cupboards here and there.

As the owner or occupier of a home in 2021, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary resources. However, even if you live in a new build, shortages can arise. Therefore, it’s vital to have solutions ready if the unexpected occurs, regardless of your situation.

This article will outline appropriate storage solutions to ensure you can maximise and create spaces where storage can be an absolute dream.

Enhance The Space Available

When packing up belongings, it’s vital to use your boxes efficiently. Even if a small package is being packed, you’ll need to pack it up efficiently to fill the whole box. Unfortunately, some will just throw their items in a box without considering the vertical space.

If someone places items in a room, seldom do they consider how high they can stack. By far the cheapest storage option, vertical spaces can allow for maximised space occupied without worrying about more space needed. In addition, using a floor-to-ceiling shelf system will enable items like linen, books and other stackable belongings to be ordered more efficiently.

Taking advantage of vertical space will bring a new storage aspect to your home that decreases clutter on the ground. Hanging baskets around the house will allow overhead storage opportunities that span the bathrooms, closets and kitchens.

Creating New Space

The ability to form new storage spaces is both rewarding and efficient. A classic example of how new storage spaces were created is the famous “underneath the staircase”. Before Harry Potter, this area allowed for ample storage space within the home.

Another hidden treasure is the wall. In the kitchen, magnetic strips and hooks have allowed for increased knife, pot and pan space. However, many are learning that toys and tools can also be hooked up to a magnetic strip.

Repurposing Spaces

Storage doesn’t have to be about finding openings in your own home - you can use items that once belonged to others. For example, file cabinets and library card catalogues can make for exciting alternatives.

To get even more creative, some even modify a giant suitcase to act as a small table. Here, you can open up the bag and have even more space within. Let your imagination run wild as you explore different clever solutions.

Self-Storage Unit

Organisation within the home is only possible up to a certain point. If you conclude that little more can be modified, then there is always the self-storage alternative. Your total solution for both decluttering and protection.

Here at SafeGuard Storage, we have a large range of locations available including self-storage in Gisborne, Auckland, New Plymouth, Rotorua, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Waihi and Wellington. Find your nearest location for maximum convenience and easily access any items you put away.

Reasons for can include:

- Too many belongings

- Safe-keeping of valuable items

- Vehicle storing

Seasonal storing such as kayaks, skiing equipment etc. Business/commercial filing or stock control A well-renowned facility will have an extensive range of unit sizes that cater to your needs. Here, you can fill one of these units up to the brim with your belongings without worrying about the house aesthetic. Additionally, many facilities can provide an effective 24/7 security system that ensures your belongings are safely kept.

SafeGuard Storage

We offer a wide range of options throughout New Zealand including storage units in Gisborne, Rotorua, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Waihi or New Plymouth. Depending on what you need, we have small, medium or large units that are safe and secure. We have three locations within Hamilton including storage lock-ups in Te Rapa, Melville, Hillcrest and Frankton. Our friendly staff will find a unit that fits the needs of your individual situation.

Whether you are after business storage, vehicle storage or simply affordable options, our easy access units are available for short term or long term storage. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is more than happy to go through your current situation and find the correct unit size. We are very experienced and can figure out how to ensure your clutter is no longer a problem.