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How Self-Storage Can Make Spring Cleaning A Dream

Sep 24, 2021

Self-storage units can be the perfect Spring cleaning assistant. Now that New Zealand has entered Spring, this is the ideal time to investigate the perks of self-storage.  

Although Spring cleaning can be a task that people loathe, this blog is going to outline how your life can be made so much easier with the help of self-storage. 


What better place to start out cleaning the home than where the love is literally cooked. The kitchen is understandably one of the best places of any residence and it can get cluttered. Some of these messy spots can include: 

  • Overflowing cupboards
  • Too much cookware
  • Double-ups on utensils/crockery
  • Excess preserved foods

Keeping these items in an affordable unit will make cleaning and using the kitchen a lot easier. So, gone are the days of sorting through piles of pans or appliances that you never use. Instead, give your kitchen the makeover it deserves. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to get into areas usually neglected when carrying out a Spring clean. Some of these tasks may require emptying entire drawers and cupboards to reach deep corners. Giving all surfaces a good wipe down will provide you with the best surface to work on for the future.  

Living Area

As a room dedicated to comfort, it’s vital to remove anything unnecessary from the living room. It’s common for general household clutter to find itself in the living room. As a communal space for both residents and guests, you’ll want to make sure this area is constantly on point. 

An amazing method of living room cleaning is to make piles. This is an effective way to ensure you know what to do with each item. Organise living room items into the following categories: 

  • Keep 
  • Store in a self-storage unit
  • Donate/throw away

With three simple categories, you’ll find serenity in your living space before you know it. Come home to a living room that radiates the peace you’ve always wanted. 


The bedrooms are easily one of the biggest culprits of clutter and hoarding. The wardrobe and drawers are likely to be the biggest harborer of unneeded items. Clothing, for example, tends to be left in the back of closets for years. Nevertheless, Spring cleaning gives you the perfect opportunity to clear up all clothing and knick-knacks. 

Some bedroom items that should be considered for self-storage include: 

  • Clothing
  • Photo albums
  • Furniture 
  • Blankets 
  • Electronic Devices 

Once the items of storage have been decided  - cleaning and structure can now take place. For ease of access, arrange your drawers from top to bottom of the most frequently used items. 

Moreover, take this opportunity to clean all blankets, linen and clothing. Ensuring that everything is in mint condition will give you that fresh start to the season. 


As with the bedrooms, carrying out a complete washing of the fabrics will be a massive benefit in the bathroom. All mats, towels and flannels should be washed to allow a fresh start to the new season. While also cleaning all sinks, showers, baths and drains with the necessary products - make sure to get into every nook and cranny. 

Finally, you’ll want to check the vanity for any empty bottles or containers. Finding products that you may not use regularly (or at all) could be good to also place in storage. Spring cleaning is all about decluttering and removing the unnecessary - the bathroom is no exception. 

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