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Why You Need A Self Storage Unit When Moving/ Renovating

Why You Need A Self Storage Unit When Moving/Renovating

Apr 27, 2022

Renovating homes is always an exciting time, but self-storage is always recommended as renovations can always come with their fair share of stress. Utilising a self-storage unit is a fantastic way to off-load the pressure of the fast-paced workings within a home being renovated. 

This blog will explain why you should consider self-storage during your home renovation or moving. There are many reasons you should look into a storage unit when moving house, let alone renovation, and this article delves into all of them. 

Protect Your Belongings From The Elements 

Depending on the extent of your renovation, you may need to move some belongings into areas that are exposed to the outdoors. You may risk your belongings getting wet, damaged or even stolen. 

If you plan ahead, you may be able to gauge which items will need to be protected. If so, you can enquire about a self-storage unit that can offer a dry, affordable and secure solution. SafeGuard Storage offers several different types of storage units that will be able to accommodate your belongings.

Increase The Efficiency And Speed Of The Job 

With so many potential obstacles in the way for the renovators, you can save so much time with a self-storage unit. Imagine having all of these items out of the way so the team can get the job done much faster. 

Moving items out of the way can help prevent bottlenecks of clutter and allow the renovators easy access to the walls, powerpoints and flooring. Consistently moving items back and forth can waste valuable time. 

Allows You To Begin With A Blank Canvas When Returning Everything

You are saving time for everyone involved, but you’ll also be giving your home the opportunity for a freshening up. So why not use this chance to fully transform your home and bring your belongings back in an entirely new layout. 

You may be inspired to alter the current format of your home once the renovations are done. Alternatively, if you’re moving house, you may see an entirely different layout plan in your new home. Live without any pressure or fears with a secure self-storage unit to ensure the contents of your home are protected. 

A Safe Place While You Rent A Home

It’s quite common to sell your home before buying a new one, and you may need to store some items while you rent elsewhere. Even if your rented home has extensive storage, you’ll save much more time and money keeping it in a secure environment while searching for a more permanent home. 

Less Stress When Selling and Moving Into A New Place

Ready for the big move? Temporarily using a self-storage unit will allow you to plan the interior of your new home properly. If you haven’t yet sold your home, storing certain items in storage may make your home seem more appealing for open homes. 

A well-kept and organised home is more likely to sell than an overcrowded one. People will be far more interested in purchasing a home which feels spacious, welcoming and clean. 

Instead of the stressful task of moving everything in one day, why not slowly distribute your belongings between two locations so you can figure out what you want in your new home. 


SafeGuard Storage Can Make Your Life Stress-Free and Secure

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