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Your Guide For Self-Storage Every Season Of The Year

Feb 27, 2022

Self-storage is an excellent way to keep order and organisation within your life. Whether it’s for too many items, moving house or even stock for your growing business - a self-storage unit is a solution for many issues. However, ideal items for storage may vary from month to month due to the changing seasons. 

This blog will delve into the different seasons and highlight what items should be stored. This article will also provide you with a helpful list of things to keep in mind when a new season rolls around. 


What better way to start the list than the season known for cleaning and organising. With warmer temperatures and sunnier days, you can begin the transition out of your winter clothes. Depending on what you have at home, the number of items to go in storage for this season can be pretty extensive. 

Some of these items could include: 

- Heavy coats 
- Hats & Scarves 
- Shovels 
- Skiing/Snowboarding equipment 
- Sweaters 
- Gas heaters 

As you also head into Spring, you should think about getting the dehumidifier out. Higher temperatures could come with more humid climates. Fans and even portable air conditioning units may be good to bring back into the picture as the heat picks up. 


Everyone’s favourite time of the year. School’s out, summer vacations, Christmas holidays and sunny skies. Ensure that you have all the summer equipment taken out and replace it with the protectors, covers and even the remaining winter items. 

Some of these items could include: 

- School uniforms, books and stationery
- Winter clothing 
- Thick blankets + sheets 
- Gas heaters 

Remember to consider a self-storage unit for vehicles or boats during the off months. While you’re out on the sea or taking road trips in your particular car, it would be best to keep it safe and secure during autumn or winter. 


Autumn is the perfect month to begin storage as you transition between summer and winter. Specifically with deck furniture, moving items into storage that you know will rarely be used. Along with the recreational equipment like swimming gear, camping supplies and boats/vehicles - you can also get ahead of winter by storing these earlier. 

Some other items could include: 

- Waterskis and wakeboards
- Swimming clothing
- Outdoor furniture
- Camping supplies
- Summer clothes


In winter, you don’t need to worry about any summer equipment. During these colder periods, you will have little to no need for many staple summer items. Getting those barbecues, outdoor recliners, or fans will be an effective way to clear out space before the winter comes. 

 Some other items could include: 

- Bikes
- Classic cars & convertibles
- Gardening tools
- Grills

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